Pastor Chris Opinion on Marriage and Gender Equality

Sometimes we are confused or taught an important lesson by pastors’ sentiments. However, it is upon an individual to judge whatever is read or heard. In our case, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, an anointed man of God is considered a feminist: some believe he misinterpreted the bible when he said that men are the head, especially in a marriage situation.

The world is changing and women are continuously fighting for their position in the society, but men are no happy either having their wives equal to them. Although many critics arose due to Pastor Chris teachings, most people believe that marriages are built by equal partners who respect each other no matter the situation. However, the Nigerian Christian don’t believe in what Pastor Chris teaches, they are even going to the extent of demanding his head. According to Pastor Chris, being a husband does not mean that the male partner is the master and women are the slaves; in fact, he tries to reveal what is written in Exodus 20:17 – women are men’s property and that they should obey men.

The bible says that men are the head of the marriage union and it’s important for the women to understand them as so. On the other hand, women believe that they are equal members of the marriage union and that they are supposed to be understood by their husbands. According to pastor Chris teachings, women are supposed to understand their husbands first to know exactly the kind of men they are married to including their needs and desires. The Bible adds that men are supposed to be the heads of the family. Men have authority over the marriage union and if women think they are to be understood first then, they are simply wrong.

Whenever a woman decides to marry a man, she should understand that she will be under the man’s authority upon marriage. The Bible writes that the man is the head of the family (which includes the wife) and when a woman marries a man she automatically becomes bond to the man’s authority, even though they are both heirs to heaven.

The chief reason as to why a woman should understand the man first according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is that whenever a woman desires to go against the man’s authority she is considered a rebel and, God forbids it. If we go back to the bible, God’s initial plan was to create a man (Adam) but God saw that man was so lonely and created Eve (woman) to keep man company (Genesis 1:31). According to Genesis 1:31, the idea of a woman creation was not God chosen instead he wanted to give the man a companion and helper. Upon creating a woman, God did not give her instruction to advice or the man (Adam) what to do and not to do. God, the Supreme Being gave the man (Adam) the responsibility to take care of the world and made a woman as a helper.

Pastor Chris says that men don’t even need another mother neither do they need an elder sister. The secret to remaining in a good marriage relationship is for a woman to be obedient and listen to her husbands. If a woman pleases a man through her deeds then, the man will consider her as his mother and sister. Pastor Chris adds that a man loves a wife that serves God and that serves him too and, that’s what a man calls a good wife. Finally, Pastor Chris says that a man will always fight a woman that competes for the same level as his. Pastor Chris concludes by saying that a wise woman will have an influence on her husband but a foolish one will always annoy her husband by making him mad through her action.