Express Press T-Shirts

Sometimes You Don’t Want to “Fit In”

One of the most annoying things, fashion-wise, that can happen while walking through the mall is noticing that someone has the same shirt that you have on. Sometimes you desire to find a certain kind of shirt in a different style or color…but you can’t find it anywhere. Sometimes you just want to stand out from the crowd and feel unique and express yourself in a way that no one else can. Sometimes you want a custom tie-dye shirt without going through the hassle dipping, dying and drying.

How Can You Customize Your Style?

One of the best ways to show off your own sense of style, in a fashionable way, is to customize your own unique shirt through Express Press. At Express Press, we understand that you want to express yourself as the unique specimen that you are! At Express Press, we can custom make t-shirts with your team name, business logo, or even a favorite family design like a family crest or wedding party. Custom t shirts for camp events, as well as for group outings, volunteer events, fundraisers, business workshops and conferences, and athletic team practices, competition, and cheering events can be created. These custom t-shirts can even be ruggedly made for sporting events.

What Kind Of T-Shirts Can I Make at Express Press?

Your options are limitless! Basic short sleeve shirts and cotton t-shirts are offered in several sizes. You can order a long sleeve adult T-shirts, t-shirts for infants and toddlers, polos with or without pockets, ladies designs, tank tops and V-necks and crew neck t-shirts and even athletic and performance t-shirts that can withstand sweat, tons of movement and several washings. Many brands are available, and some of these brands are Nike Golf, Champion, and Columbia, just to name a few. If you are plus-sized and you have a hard time finding shirts, you’ll find comfort in knowing that Express Press makes shirts that are up to 4XL in size. It’s easy to make designs on Express Press.

What’s The Design Studio?

Under the design studio, you just pick what product you want and then choose your product colors and edit the artwork and even select the print location. In this stage you can add text and even upload images and place names and numbers strategically on the shirts. You can choose from many of our clip art designed or upload your own photos or team and/or business logos as well. The design studio offers layers to help create shirts that are more intricate in design. To finalize, you can add notes to customize your order even further. The notes section is to make sure that the artist creating your shirt understands what you’re looking for specifically in that shirt design. You can save and share the design before even purchasing, to confirm the design with family and friends.

Where Do I Order?

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and express yourself with an amazing, customized t-shirt from Express Press..