A Spiritual Inspiration- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Spreading the good news about Christ, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is celebrating with delegates at the Haven Convention 2017. The convention features discussions and teaching hearts that miracles and about the power of the seed of giving.

Chris Oyakhilome is an anointed minister who is also a pastor, author, television host, and healing minister. He holds a PH.D and through his television network of Christ Embassy, he holds massive communion and crusades all over the world. He is a beacon of hope to those, who come to the many conventions, conferences and crusades to hear him speak about the word of God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the host of “Atmosphere for Miracle,” which airs in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia and other locations all over the world. His teaching brings God’s word, train ministers to empower others with God’s message, minister to children to encourage them for a better future, and pray for everyone.

Other than hosting his own television network, Chris Oyakhilome has a vision and mission of hope for believers. He also conduct a BLW Campus Ministry, where ministers an study to empower themselves as leaders and follow Christ, has a healing school, a daily-devotional “Rhapsody of Realities,” which is a life-guide for your day-to-day

life. Millions of these guides have been distributed all over the world. The guides went to over 700 counties. Each edition enhanced spiritual growth and has keys to helping individuals under how to enjoy living a spiritual life. He also has a school called “International School of Ministry,” which prepares and teach ministers the tools to networking and God’s word. His live television ministry include a global classroom and an opportunity to join him online for special spiritual messages and prayer.

Christ Embassy is there to expand believers into a spiritual life of faith, fellowship, meditation, teachings, prayer, conventions, conferences, crusades and more. His ministry encourages you to dream, increase your knowledge, rest in love, and take full charge of a full life in Christ. You can log onto www.ChristEmbassy.org to sign up for daily news, join the prayer community, donate to the children’s ministry, enjoy videos of conferences and prayer’s, read about stories of hope, read about- The Healing School Summer Sessions, ministry of news and events, enjoy mid-year pastor’s refresher courses, read Q&A segments, special messages, uplifting blogs comments, view galleries of events and services, share a testimony, and more. It’s a place to enjoy hearing about the teachings of Jesus Christ and gain knowledge for a better life.

If you are hungry for food for your soul, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s ministry is there to lead and guide you with a message of hope. The church goes beyond saying a prayer and teaching about Christ. It’s mission gives individuals a vision to serve, live a full life, and gain spiritual knowledge. It’s a church who’s television network is enjoyed in the United States, South Africa, UK, Nigeria, and Canada.… Read More

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Where Do I Order?

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and express yourself with an … Read More

Chris Oyakhilome: Message for Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the renowned Nigerian-born televangelist, and Christ Embassy president is a household name for his Ministry and Philanthropic works. Born in 1961 to the late Apostle Tim Oyakhilome, an excellent leader in the Assemblies of God, Nigeria, It is no surprise that Chris developed his insatiable passion for philanthropy and spirituality at an early age. After Secondary, he worked with the Church of God Mission International where he delved into the ministerial deeds of the late Archbishop, Benson Idahosa. In 2015, Pastor Chris was given an honorary degree in Divinity from Benson Idahosa University and Ambrose Alli University.

His 3-decade ministry runs several branches that include the Christ Embassy Inc (Believers’ Love World), and Healing School. His charitable works include aiding the unfortunate, healing the sick and running the Chris’ Inner City Mission Project- an orphan support initiative. His masterpiece and bestseller, “Rhapsody of Realities,” is distributed monthly around the globe and has been translated into over 745 languages. According to a Forbes Report, 2011, 2 million copies of the monthly devotional are distributed to Christians globally. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has an extensive following on social media with over 1.21 million Twitter followers and over 1.95 million Facebook fans, which he utilizes by running an online prayer network and sending inspirational messages to believers worldwide.

The Christ Embassy, founded by Chris Oyakhilome in 1990, has grown from a prayer group in a mega church with congregations in several countries. The Church headquarters in Lagos has over 40,000 members with millions of members worldwide. Christ Embassy runs the first ever 24-hour Christian channels in the continent and has 3 TV channels to its name: LoveWorld SAT, Loveworld TV, and Loveworld Plus. It also owns a publishing company, LoveWorld Publications, which publishes “Rhapsody of Realities” every month.

The Christ Embassy announced that the Worship and Communion Service would be hosted in Zimbabwe. More than 100,000 people registered for the free event, with over 75,000 Zimbabwean faithful turning up for the epochal event held on 7th of May, 2017 at the Harare National Sports Stadium. The LIVE event got an even greater audience worldwide. The second of its kind, having had a successful predecessor in the United Kingdom, saw Reverend Chris visit the African country for the first time. The congregation had great worship session led by the Zimbabwe choir and globally acclaimed gospel musicians such as Jahdiel, Sister Wisdom, Flame Benjamin and Israel Strong, among others.

As is characteristic of Pastor Chris’ sermons, he touched on every aspect of the nation, addressing the rich and the poor alike, the old and the young. Preaching a message of hope and a need for the country to unite for a peaceful existence and a chance to rebuild the country, Chris Oyakhilome inspired the congregation to focus on the nation’s problems. In this Worship Communion Service, the Reverend emphasized on the need for the Zimbabwean youth to arise, be patriotic and rebuild a better country founded on hope and patience.

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