How to save single female money

Women and shopping are two inseparable. In terms of money management, women often tend to be wasteful and cannot manage personal finances compared to men. Is it true?
At least this was revealed in The Journal of Financial Planning reporting that around 24% of women cannot resist the temptation of sales, while only 4.5% of men are tempted to shop. Especially for single women often associated with their financial condition. In general, the finances of single people are lighter than married women.

In fact, whether or not a single woman’s financial condition is good or not depends on her status. However, it is more on how to manage its finances, so there is no waste and can save money. Because many single women cannot manage their personal money well.

Single Women Must Be Responsible for Managing Personal Money
The tendency is that women spend more money than men. Indeed, the use of money is more important for household needs. However, what happens to single women also often do not think long when using their income. Not infrequently they tend to be wasteful and have no savings.
Not a few single women who are still thinking, if the financial future is the responsibility of their partner. So he did not think long to use his income wisely. In fact, with the condition of higher living costs at this time, many men do not lose money looking for money. Even though as a woman you must still be able to manage your personal money independently. So you will not depend on your partner.

Habits of Managing Single Women’s Finance
Thus, in women still single, does not mean free to use money. Do not let money run out for shopping, hang out, traveling, or other unnecessary things. In fact, when you are still alone, women should have a mature financial plan for future needs.
The habit of managing when single is certainly a good thing for someone. Ensuring that someone arranges personal money properly will provide positive benefits from having a more responsible, thoughtful, thorough, and frugal attitude. This positive behavior when the time is married will continue to be carried away and you are already proficient in arranging money for family matters.

Many Learning Methods for Managing Single Women Finance
From the data shows that there are indeed some things that make a difference between how women and men handle their money. However, actually women and men have struggles that are just as heavy in managing their finances. For example, in terms of having to prepare insurance, pay debts, provide emergency funds, retire, and so on.
Therefore, women must also be responsible for managing their money, understanding the risks, goals, the importance of developing funds, and finding solutions to financial problems. In the digital age, there is a lot of information on various websites, blogs, easily accessible tools looking for various things about investment. In this digital era, many investment products can make it easier for anyone to find information about investment. Read More

Tips for Shopping for Women’s Bags Online in order not to be fooled

The number of online business people nowadays, makes competition increasingly tight among online sellers. Not a few of them do everything they can to get buyers or customers easily. The easiest customer target is women who most of them really like to shop.

Many items that can attract the attention of female customers such as women’s bags, for example, are now very much marketed with various versions and modes ranging from well-known brands to local brands. All compete to get many customers to buy the women’s bags they sell.

Of the many online players, it turns out there are still players – online businessmen who are dishonest by selling fake or pirated palomino bag bags that look exactly the same as the original. Not a few of the female customers who were affected by the deception of these cheating online business people.

Although many have been warned of certain penalties by the government. But there are still people who cheat. For that, here are some things that must be considered before buying women’s bags or women’s work bags online so as not to be fooled by fraudulent online business people.

Choose a trusted online store

Be sure to see evidence of the credibility of online stores where we will buy women’s bags online. Do checks such as testimonial evidence from customers who have shop at the online store, the number of followers (generally followers of trusted online stores will be more or very many), do transactions with third parties or use the services of rekber or you can use sites trusted online shopping.

See customer reviews

Assessment or review of customers who have been shopping at our target online shop is very important to note. Generally customers will give a certain rating or comment in the assessment columns or comment fields on social media. Be sure to not only see or focus on one review, read the review or review of the online store as much as possible.

Understand the rules of the online store game

Be sure to pay attention and read and understand the rules for buying the women’s bag you want in the online store. There are several online stores that do not serve returns or exchange of goods when items are damaged on the way. There is also a requirement to add additional fees to wrap the woman’s bag that you will buy.

Those are some of the things you need to pay attention to before shopping for women’s bags online either through social media or online sites.Read More

Pastor Chris Opinion on Marriage and Gender Equality

Sometimes we are confused or taught an important lesson by pastors’ sentiments. However, it is upon an individual to judge whatever is read or heard. In our case, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, an anointed man of God is considered a feminist: some believe he misinterpreted the bible when he said that men are the head, especially in a marriage situation.

The world is changing and women are continuously fighting for their position in the society, but men are no happy either having their wives equal to them. Although many critics arose due to Pastor Chris teachings, most people believe that marriages are built by equal partners who respect each other no matter the situation. However, the Nigerian Christian don’t believe in what Pastor Chris teaches, they are even going to the extent of demanding his head. According to Pastor Chris, being a husband does not mean that the male partner is the master and women are the slaves; in fact, he tries to reveal what is written in Exodus 20:17 – women are men’s property and that they should obey men.

The bible says that men are the head of the marriage union and it’s important for the women to understand them as so. On the other hand, women believe that they are equal members of the marriage union and that they are supposed to be understood by their husbands. According to pastor Chris teachings, women are supposed to understand their husbands first to know exactly the kind of men they are married to including their needs and desires. The Bible adds that men are supposed to be the heads of the family. Men have authority over the marriage union and if women think they are to be understood first then, they are simply wrong.

Whenever a woman decides to marry a man, she should understand that she will be under the man’s authority upon marriage. The Bible writes that the man is the head of the family (which includes the wife) and when a woman marries a man she automatically becomes bond to the man’s authority, even though they are both heirs to heaven.

The chief reason as to why a woman should understand the man first according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is that whenever a woman desires to go against the man’s authority she is considered a rebel and, God forbids it. If we go back to the bible, God’s initial plan was to create a man (Adam) but God saw that man was so lonely and created Eve (woman) to keep man company (Genesis 1:31). According to Genesis 1:31, the idea of a woman creation was not God chosen instead he wanted to give the man a companion and helper. Upon creating a woman, God did not give her instruction to advice or the man (Adam) what to do and not to do. God, the Supreme Being gave the man (Adam) the responsibility to take care of the world and made a woman as a helper.

Pastor … Read More